Friday, September 12, 2014

Mini Moose

Do click these photos for a better look

 On the way home from the farm show yesterday we stopped at a favorite pond that lies just along a sharp curve in the road.

A couple of years ago an obliging Great Blue Heron allowed us a nice opportunity to get some pictures, so we always pause to look.

Yesterday was no disappointment. There was a doe and fawn right in the water. The doe was eating off the bottom like a moose, head submerged to the ears.

Some ducks paddled by. One was right behind the fawn in a most photo-bombitous position.

It was pretty cool. I love stopping there.

And then this morning...I have to lean on the big five-bar gate to the pasture to tie it shut when I take the cows out. I was doing that this morning....not being tall, my chin and ear are right on the gate...when a fat grey squirrel bustled out of the building the gate is fastened to and started across it.

I kept waiting for him to see me. I was in a bright squash-blossom-yellow sweatshirt. 

He just kept coming.

And coming.

And coming.

Until he was about a foot from my face. Had he continued he would have had to squeeze under my ear to get to the fence.

I almost let him.

But I was afraid he might bite me.

So I said "boo". 

Instant magical transformation from grey squirrel to flying squirrel. 

I didn't know they could jump that far. 


Rev. Paul said...

I'd have loved to see that squirrel doing his Rocky impression. :)

Cathy said...

Moments you relive forever.

What a special place.

TenMile said...

Semi- retirement suits you. Good to read about it.

Terry and Linda said...

BHAHAHAH I had to laugh!!!


threecollie said...

Rev. Paul, it was really funny! He was so preoccupied.

Cathy, every time I close that gate....

TenMile, busier than ever, but it is good to have some of the busy time be for things we like to do.

Linda, me too! I still laugh about the poor guy.