Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Road Trip

Loved this ad!
Every farm dog we have ever had has loved the old milker liners as toys.
We call them doo dahs. 

To the Central NY Farm Progress Show. This is kind of our annual get away close to home. The drive over is always spectacular and we never fail to run into favorite friends and neighbors.

This year the weather was truly the best we have ever experienced for the show. We walked around, met a good friend and talked a while, picked up some pens and apples...always a big attraction at farm shows...and just enjoyed ourselves immensely.

We saw a drone for the first time...almost got a photo but I wasn't quite quick enough. There were a few Turkey Vultures sailing over the grounds and the drone passed very close to one. It didn't seem too impressed.

A corny Mohawk

There is another whole day's worth tomorrow if you missed it today. We had to rush home to see if the boss could bale second cutting.

***A special thanks to Alan who got the parts and fixed the brakes on the car so we could go. Thanks guy! As you can see, this is not a trip for the faint of brake.


Terry and Linda said...

Oh, goodness! It isn't. What stunningly beautiful country you live in.


lisa said...

Sounds like you had a great day. It sure was a beautiful day for it.

threecollie said...

Linda, we are so fortunate. So few are aware of this other NY, which is so incredibly lovely!

Lisa, it was fun, much more so than I expected. And I got some shots on the way home, which were amazing. Will share later in the week.