Saturday, September 20, 2014

Road Trip....Bellinger's Orchard

Alan took me to visit our favorite orchard this morning, and then for a little drive around the countryside.


Lots of fun,tasty apples, cider donuts, it was great. Alas there are no photos of the donuts, because we ate them. If you go to Sundae on the Farm, stop by on your way....... 

More apples

The kind we bought

Maple products

Palatine Cheese, made by some other good friends of ours


A. Montgomery said...

Beautiful! I can smell them from here!
Love Mom

Cathy said...

Your mother took the words right outta my mind.
ummmmm . . . (Great pictures:)

Terry and Linda said...

So much fun!


threecollie said...

Mom, it is such a lovely place! I have some scenic shots I took up there for later in the week. Love you!

Cathy, it is a big plus about fall....all the amazing fruit. Hope you are enjoying some out there in Ohio as well as we are here in NY

LInda, it was! We went to the new Runnings too, and that was fun as well.