Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Somebody Stop Me

Antique milking machines at the fair

I started milking cows for a living during my twenties.

More than three decades worth of milk inspectors have watched over the milk houses where I trod (after carefully rinsing off my boots).

There is no milk house clean enough to suit an inspector.

They have to mark off something. Every single time. Part of the game is making it hard for them, eliminating any and all somethings, which might somehow offend. We won sometimes, as evidenced by awards certificates in the office and Super Milk signs. 

And sometimes not so much.

There is no milk inspector now.

And yet......

 I can't stop shining up the pipeline, washing down the floor, chasing out the cats....and all the other little fiddly things that long ago became habit.

Does it ever go away?


Cathy said...

Old habits are hard to break . . . and why the heck should we? Kind'a touching.

Terry and Linda said...

Well, I don't think you would really want it too...if you stopped the spiders would take over. Ick.

Congratulations on all the awards! I know from experience the Milk Inspector can be a hard person. HARD!

lisa said...

You don't want it to go away! Memories are always good to have and good habits never should die!