Saturday, September 06, 2014

Something's Coming

The early sky is like the inside of a fish bowl, all green-lit and glowy. It is like moving under water.

Just a corner of the sun shows between trees in the hedgerow, angry red, like an ember in a darkened room.

Any other morning the dog would hurry, eager for her bowl of canned dog food laced with lots of water...she hates to drink for some absurd reason.

This morning she dawdles, la, la, la, la.

Mosquitoes descend like flying teeth,  in whining, whirling clouds around us.

Something is coming and I don't think it's Christmas.


A. Montgomery said...

Its a cold front. Peggy is adorable!
Love Mom

Cathy said...

Great pictures with great spooky accompanying narrative.
That last picture just vaporized any sense of dread.

NumberWise said...

I read through this post slowly, stopping to study each photo and savor each phrase ("flying teeth"). Then I scrolled down a bit more and was met with Peggy grinning at me. I just sat here and grinned back!

threecollie said...

Mom, isn't she a pip! First tooth yesterday! Love you

Cathy, weirdly, although there was heavy rain and some big storms all around us, it stayed quite nice here all day. I was grateful

NW, first tooth! Yay, now if that second one would come through and she would give us a little break from teething miseries, poor little one.

Terry and Linda said...

A first tooth! What a cutie!

We have a cold wet front moving in here tonight....sigh. I wish it would wait until the beans were harvested.