Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Stills....Orange

Orange milk mustache

Orange bull

Orange dog, looking for trouble

Orange wheelbarrows for picking pumpkins

Orange pumpkins

Orange Camaro, orange skid steer, young man creating orange milk mustache

Orange flowers

Orange center

Orange squash
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Cathy said...

"Orange" . . . . it's not a 'pretty' word . .
But it surely makes for a some pretty (and handsome:) pictures.

June said...

Alan's face looks so much like my farmer uncles' faces! And my grandfather's!
The shape of his face, the set of his features.
Never mind all the orange. That picture alone is worth the post to me.

Ed said...

Great shots, I don't think I've ever seen an orange milk moustache and an orange camero in the same pic before..:-)

Terry and Linda said...

You made me laugh...about drinking the milk!!!


threecollie said...

Cathy, nor does it rhyme with anything atll or so I'm told. But thanks!

June, determination...or maybe the sun in his eyes. I was struck by how much he looks like my dad now. He didn't used to, but as he has matured it is amazing to me. I shouldn't be surprised though, I suppose. When he was little he sometimes looked like my brothers. Thanks

Ed, thanks, me neither. lol

Linda, he was just funning around and we decided to use his mustache in this post. lol