Monday, October 06, 2014

A Sunday which was not Still

The boss was heading out the door to cut a little firewood.
 after chores yesterday. 

 Alan asked, "You have another saw? I'll give you a hand."

And Jade said, "Me too."

So three saws roared all day, way out in the fields. 

And the girls went out to get plastic and staples for the annual buttoning up ceremony, not one of my favorite times of year, but necessary in this old and drafty place.

The garden was gleaned by the old lady, a large bowl of carrots, another of beans, a couple of stray tomatoes and a bit of this and that, hurrying against the frost warning.

A huge stew was made with beef that we raised and all those garden goodies, and much wood was sawed and a wagon filled with more, and the covering of the windows against the cold was undertaken. Doors were planed so they closed right after years of sticking and grating.

I don't think it froze right here by the house. Too dark to tell yet. But the grass is silver out on the hill....we'll see when the sun comes up.


Cathy said...

Somehow the 'foliage' on that hen . . . seems just the right metaphor for this time of year.
But it seems you're happily pushing back :)

threecollie said...

Cathy, she is such a pretty little thing....if indeed she is a she, we are not positive yet. It is hard to cover all my windows on the world. I need to look out! So we leave a few to let in the wondrous winter weather so I can stay sane.....ish......

Terry and Linda said...

Sigh...winter! I am so not ready!