Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dog Law

An especially dear friend from childhood has been calling me several times a week about a friend of hers, who has been targeted by a proposed new law, aimed specifically at her dog rescue.

 The lady's dogs evidently do some barking and the neighbors decided to go big and go long about the matter. Never mind working with her to perhaps keep the dogs indoors at sensitive times...they are always fenced....no, they need to pass a big new law to make her get rid of the dogs or move.

If I understand it correctly, the new rule would mean that anyone with more than three dogs would have to provide a heated, separate structure, 1500 feet from their nearest neighbor and keep their dogs in it. I hate listening to dogs bark but....dang,

Is that nuts or what?

I was thrilled to read that a large crowd showed up at the public meeting on the subject last night to protest, long and loud. Can't wait to get a paper so I can read the whole story.

Good for them! They at least got the rule tabled.

We don't live in the town in question, but bad law like this tends to spread like kudzu. If the kids get me that puppy they are talking about, all our dogs would have to move to the barn and we would have to heat it, if we lived under that rule.

Say what? Daisy likes to sleep on the blanket we keep on my chair in the winter. Ren prefers her mommy and daddy's bed. I am assuming that new pup, if we get him, will like to lie by my feet, so as not to miss any action should I choose to stand up. Border Collies are like that.

And I don't think that is anybody else's business. 


lisa said...

More laws and rules, there is no such thing as a free country! I agree with your last statement!

Cathy said...


Terry and Linda said...

We went through this about 5 years ago...our neighbor (then on her 4th husband---does that count?) Took our daughter to court for her barking dog. Seems this man liked to sleep in until 11 in the morning, the dog in question loved to bark at the squirrels who loved to live in the roller up at the equipment area. The barking of the dog WOKE HIM UP AT 10 EVERY MORNING!! Geez.

So they took Misty to court....our whole neighborhood in a one mile radius when with us to court (after writing letters of support for barking dogs and squirrels)...we all have dogs...Fuzzy and Boomer love to bark sometimes as does the other neighborhood dogs. When the neighbor and her 4th husband (she is now on her 6th husband) and their lawyer presented the case the judge just looked at them and then asked the man....do you work a night shift some where...No he didn't. Do you have a health reason for sleeping in the day time....no he didn't. He just liked to sleep in in the morning.
The judge glared at the man...and said: "The case is closed. You have no case. The best thing for you is to get a job and then go to the job."

It a huge victory...farms have dogs. A person who buys a house in the middles of 15 farms is silly to complain about life on a farm.


June said...

Wow. There's a law that was drafted by a dog hater!
I don't like hearing dogs bark endlessly, and if it were a whole yard full of dogs barking because they were bored and wiry, that would bother me. But listening to little kids scream would bother me more. Lots more. And I'd be out of luck with trying to get The Dear Little Children to be quiet.
I wonder if the complaining neighbor knew there was a dog rescue next door when they moved in.

ellie k said...

The neighbor in back of us run a dog rescue from her house, our yards meet so the barking was intense at times. She let them out all at one time, she kept most of them inside, the big ones out in the yard. There was always a couple of fights when they were out. This lady just stood saying nice dog, that's a bad boy, don't fight mommy don't like that, never raising her voice. No one really said anything to her but she finally moved to a more congested area, good for us not so for the new area. I know most people know how to control excessive barking, this lady did not. I feel for your friend, she sounds like a responsible lady. Glad her friends stood behind her.

threecollie said...

Lisa, I am very concerned about the one being crafted at the county level. It sounds ill thought out and dangerous

Cathy, I am so happy for my friend's friend.

Linda, a constantly barking dog is a misery, but from what I have been able to glean these dogs are INSIDE her house. That is quite a story...so glad you prevailed.

June, I agree. From what I have been able to get from the writings about this and talking to my friend, I think these dogs are usually indoors though. Seems as if someone was just looking for trouble.

Ellie, I know exactly what you mean. I didn't get too involved because of just that issue, but from everything I have been able to read this lady does it right, dogs in the house most of the time etc.

ellie k said...

It is only good sense that dogs need to be out some of the time but they should be under control. I wanted to tell our neighbor that she needed to raise her voice and take command of the dogs. I was happy the dogs found a loving place but also wanted them ro learn manners so they would be adoptable later.

June said...

Complaints of that nature usually do come from people who are . . . intolerant . . . of one thing or another. Or in general... ;-)

Terry and Linda said...

A constantly barking dog is A misery...you are so right.