Friday, October 10, 2014

Heifers and Apple Jelly

Go together like fish and marshmallows.

Yeah, after finally getting things in order to make jelly out of the apples we got yesterday, I was letting the apples boil when the phone rang.

It was Liz checking in with an offer to get dinner tonight. That is always welcome, of course. 

To answer the phone I had to go over to the dining room windows.....where I spied a bit more red and white than i like to see, even if it is autumn.

The heifers were out. The boss was back mowing. I stammered an excuse, hung up and rushed away.

Enough presence of mind to turn off the stove. Not enough to pick up my phone, which was in its measuring cup for music-making purposes.

I feared that I was going to be dealing with the bull that attacked the boss a bit ago, and thus grabbed an old mop as a weapon.

Thankfully though, he had stayed in the barnyard and it was just Abby, a shorthorn, and Tequila, a red-and-white Holstein of Liz's.

I quickly got them out of the house road, but the gate was shut, with the other three head on the other side of it wanting to join their buddies. I won't bore you with the details of getting the three inside to run away from the gate, while the two outside were chased up the lane so I could open said gate, and then the waiting for the escapees to come back down and look for their friends......

And once they were all inside the barnyard a sumac tree served to fill the gap where they tore down the fence. Then Liz and Jade rushed home to help me get them all back into their regular pen.

Big sigh of relief.

Now, the apples are merrily boiling and the kitchen smells just lovely.


Terry and Linda said...

Cows!!! They know how they get out and they also know to run you a merry chase. Once that is done...they trott merrily back in where they got out!


Cathy said...

OK. That's scary. Gotta ask: Do you coax . . . wheedle . . . shout . . . ?