Wednesday, October 01, 2014

It was Mid-October

And the autumn breeze

Shook the colors out of the trees

Time was passing, but who were we to care.....

Yeah, I know it's only the first but looking around the yards and fields reminds me of this old Doug Supernaw song, State Fair.

Somewhere I have a couple worn out tapes of his albums....nothing to play them on any more. Sad how his career ended up, but I still love his music, particularly the above song and Red and Rio Grand.

Kind of quiet around here, which is weird. With six head gone the barn is awfully empty and the boss has one wing all cleaned up. We are burning the wood pallets we used to make portable stalls for the past few years. 

He saw an article about building stalls out of second-hand pallets like it was a fabulous new idea....been doing it for probably forty years for one species or another. Had to laugh about that

One nice thing about pallets, is you can start fires with them when they get too grubby to use.

With the big heifer sold, the big inside pen is empty, so the boss cleaned it up and we put five steers in there. Three of them are milk calves and I wanted to keep them on milk so as not to have to dump the extra from the girls....between them they make way more than we can use in the house or Marv can drink. 

We didn't know how it would work trying to feed three milk in a pen, and not letting the other two have any. So far so good. The three know what the buckets are and stick their heads right out through the feed-through. The other two just kind of look on in wonder. I did get my thumb jammed yesterday taking a bucket away but nothing serious.....


Cathy said...

Well . . . sure a nice song . . . but purty sad, too :(
I stowed my thumb this morning . . putting a table together. You don't really appreciates these appendages 'til there hurtn'.

Bill Harshaw said...

You could try Youtube. :-)

Breezey375 said...

I think my favorite song he did was 21-17....

Terry and Linda said...

Love your post and your photos!!!


threecollie said...

Cathy, it is sad....but it always reminds me of Octobers like these. And thumbs! I have two bad ones....sure don't need six-hundred-pound steers twisting them! Ouch.

Bill, thanks! Another good one. I am going to find a way to get those songs for my phone....somehow....lo

Breezey, a very talented man. Such a sad, sad story.

Linda, thanks!!