Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October Redux

The rosemary bloomed and made seeds this year.
Since I grew it from seed itself that seems kind of cool
It didn't bloom sideways, but it is determined to look like it

Can't get away from the amazement of this month. Who ever heard of making hay in October? Well,actually the boss has been making hay right into November in recent years, thanks to cool, very wet summers and springs.

We have another load to throw off today. I am so proud of myself, throwing off two loads on Monday. And I wasn't even stiff the next day, which utterly astonished me.

Not that I am tough or anything. It is just knowing how to use leverage to get the load apart and get the bales on the elevator.


The rosemary

Today is another balmy, soft one, with the sun rising all silver and gold, and the trees slowly undressing right down to their bones, and putting on quite a floor show as they do.

I have finished the Farm Side for this week....a tale of unloading hay....time to fill the bird feeder, see Becky off to work, and get that wagon done.

Katydid....nope, not a katydid, a leafhopper.... on a clothespin


Inchwormart said... this post, love the katydid too!

ellie k said...

I love to cook with rosemary and use it in many recipes. I did not know it bloomed and seeded down.

Cathy said...

That line: " Today is another balmy, soft one, . . . . quite a floor show as they do."
Pure Marianne. Beauty and a smile-making metaphor all in one line.
(Just between you and me . . . pretty sure that adorable little bug is a leaf hopper :)

threecollie said...

INchworm, thanks!

Ellie, I forget that we have it in there and go around the house picking basil, marjoram, oregano, mints etc. and never remember to actually use it. And I love it too.

Cathy, thanks, and you are correct. Biggest leafhopper I ever saw, but woulda been the smallest katydid. lol thanks

ellie k said...

I have my rosemary in a pot outside the patio. When I mow I like to cut some sprigs off and mow over them. They smell so good. Chicken and pork are so good with the RM. I had a really nice pot of parsley but my neighbors have rabbits and let them run loose, they love parsley. We are fencing our garden, eleven rabbits can do a lot of damage.

threecollie said...

Ellie, oh, that sounds wonderful! I love the scent of it. I have to bring mine inside in the winter but I keep it on the porch in summer too. I want to go collect those seeds...i keep forgetting...and see if I can grow a second generation.