Monday, October 27, 2014


With our change of auction barns we have to ship on Sunday for a Monday sale. Thus nine head went yesterday, the remaining four heifers, Abbekirk, Cedar Key, Loki, and Tequila, and five steers

Really only wanted to send the steers, which we kept for this, but our taxes went up...a lot....again....

At least we have a nice new trucker, who is kind but firm with the animals. She and I got most of the heifers on the truck while we were waiting for the boss. Wish we had found her when we were still in the dairy business, as far too many of the other truckers we used were either hasty and abrupt, or downright incompetent, or both. I have always hated shipping stock! 

If you want her number give one of us a shout. So far she has loaded with us twice and both times went well.

Anyhow, the place will be pretty bare for winter. Only a handful left now. I need to find a direction right soon. Discovered that retirement does not suit my temperament one bit.


Cathy said...

Oh boy . . . do I understand that 'need for direction' . . It's big. Sitting inside staring at the frozen landscape just doesn't do it.

lisa said...

Sad to hear more cattle had to go. It must be wonderful to have someone who handle the livestock to your specifications.

Terry and Linda said...

I don't like retirement either. No more cows in the future? I cried when Terry said no. We went from milking to raising spring'n heifers for the other dairies for several years. I love it.


threecollie said...

Cathy, I had diligence drummed into my head since words began. I LIKE to sit around, but I find it difficult. lol

Lisa, hated selling the girls. The steers looked good and were kept to sell, so I didn't mind so much with them.

Linda, we still have five. Don't know how long that will continue.