Saturday, October 18, 2014

So Far, So Good

Did anybody get the number of that truck?

The kids spent a lot of time yesterday and last night putting up a electrified grid of cattle panel over the heifer barn door and putting a very hot fence around the turkey tractor, oh, and Becky put a bunch of used kitty litter down where they were coming in from the north. I went out an hour or so ago and all the birds were resting quietly.....

I would have liked to have been watching when the foxes checked out that hot the charge zapped Jade through a stick.....maybe a trail cam would be an asset....

A minor, but entertaining, murmuration of starlings

In other news we have several hawks hanging around hunting the birds, which fortunately are well protected against assault from the air.

However, something went after a chickadee right outside the kitchen window and it fled, striking the window. I ran out to find it upside down, but alive, on the step.

I warmed it in my hand and set it in a flower pot. A little while later it was upright and soon after gone. I wish it well. 

Chickadees share the favorite bird spot in my world with Carolina Wrens. Guess I like to root for the little guy. I would also like to be sure the accipiter I see every day hunting in the backyard is a Cooper's. I have seen several sharpies and this bird looks larger....too fast to be sure far.


June said...

There's some big hawk around here lately. It only shows up in spring and fall and doesn't stay long. It surely is an impressive size, though. Last year I saw it crash land into the brush at the base of a stone wall after some prey that got away.
I think I saw two of them playing or fighting mid-air the other day, but they were so far away that they only had to drop a little to be behind the trees. I never saw the end of the story.

Cathy said...

Awwww . . you got to hold a chickadee in your hands . . .
There is surely never a dull moment in your environs.
And yes . . a trail cam would pick up some interesting footage for sure.

threecollie said...

June, pretty sure I saw a great horned owl this morning, winging home at dawn. Wish I was sure because I would certainly count him. Very cool that you saw them scuffling in the air! I have only seen that once and it is pretty thrilling!

Cathy, he was so tiny....I felt so bad for him. Pretty sure he recovered though.