Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Stills...on the Water

Funny how luck can mess with you. We live right on a river. We went down to said river during a bass and walleye tournament, and during heavy migration time for geese and ducks.

We went right to the parking lot of the tourney and right to the village dock and the grassy area where the geese congregate. We saw thousands of dollars worth of fancy trucks and boat trailers. 

And logs....lots of logs....

We saw hundreds of happy geese.

But not one goose in the water. Or one single bass boat.

We did see leaves and logs floating in the river. And the dock. And two boats moored at another dock. 

For more Sunday Stills.......


Ed said...

Excellent! I should have thought of leaves on the water, where I was it was mostly garbage..:-)

Terry and Linda said...

LEAVES!!! Excellent!


threecollie said...

Ed, thanks, I wanted boats and birds, but had to settle.

Linda, they were what was there. lol Thanks

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