Monday, October 13, 2014

Waking up Winter

First of the season, Dark-Eyed Junco
The Carolina Wren is singing loudly by the kitchen.

It's a not unpleasant 38 degrees, supposed to go to 66 later today. Maybe a little rain later, which hopefully will hold off until the two big loads of hay the boss got yesterday are unloaded and stored in the mow.

Fox Tails are so over this year

However, the birds have changed, willy nilly. Not a catbird to be heard or seen. No buntings or orioles, only an occasional robin or two. Warblers are still filtering through..... saw some butter butts yesterday and the common Yellowthroat is still quite common indeed.

But Milkweed is in

But the winter sparrows are threading their way south. The jays are loud and omnipresent again. Clouds of chickadees and white-breasted nuthatches swirl around the feeders as if the snow was three feet deep. We have so many woodpeckers, big beaked and small.

Last of the season

They say it will be 80 by midweek and then cold for the weekend.

The birds know though.....


joated said...

Oh the birds most definitely know!
And a brief Indian Summer interlude will not sway them from their flights.

Cathy said...

Beautiful . subtlety plaintive . . .
And you've already got a junco.
It's coming.

Rev. Paul said...

Lovely photos, as always.

Morning temp the same as Anchorage? Check.

High for the day? Barring a freak of weather, we won't see 66 again until June. We'll reach 45 today, probably.

June said...

Canada geese have been doing maneuvers for a couple of weeks now. I enjoy seeing them fly over a hundred feet above my head, but then again, I don't.

threecollie said...

Joated, they are getting really interested in the feeders now, even the jays

Cathy, thanks! I was so surprised to see him and I had the camera right in my hand

Rev. Paul going to be real warm here today. very nice out although there may be rain on the way

June, with the river we see resident geese all the time, but there are a few migrants trickling through too