Wednesday, October 08, 2014

We Aren't Cowboys

But we often wish that we were. After the debacle of loading the horned heifer last week we decided that it might be a good plan to catch Marv and remove his budding toad stabbers before we faced a similar situation with him.

All those months on the hill with his mother and aunties has rendered him more than a little bit leery of human interference. 

Thus we rigged up some gates by the watering trough.

And drove him among them and fastened them shut.

Whereupon he waited until we were nearly ready to attend to the dehorning process and then nonchalantly, easy as pie, hopped over the five-bar gate and scrambled off.

Time for plan B.

Not the eclipse...slept through that...just last night's moon rise


Paintsmh said...

I told Dad we could throw a halter on him like a lasso and I'll sit on his miserable butt :)

Terry and Linda said...

What a hoot! Although, it isn't when you are there trying to dehorn. We always snubbed them up to a pole and then burned them off...very dramatic for all involved. BUt it worked better than the paste.


threecollie said...

Liz, gonna have to do something soon!

Linda, we didn't have the halter on him yet. The boss had to take Becky to work in the middle of all this or I think we would have had him......oh, well....

Cathy said...

Toad stabbers! ?
Now that's gotta be a term handed down for years.

threecollie said...

Cathy, gee, I'll bet you're right. I didn't think anything of it as we say that all the time, about sharp implements. lol