Saturday, October 11, 2014

What's Missing from this Equation?

Fill in the Blank


Cathy said...

The culprit ?


June said...

Judging from all the circumstantial evidence, I'd say there's a squirrel missing from the story.

joated said...

I'm surprised there's not a second ear (or two) sitting up in that pine tree.

The red squirrels around here seem to use the clse branches as a larder and lay/wedge the pine cones (no corn nearby) across them.

threecollie said...

The culprit, or should I say culprits, were a horde of grey squirrels, which were stripping corn cobs off the corn in the field around the cemetery and hauling it up in the big pines to tear the cobs apart. When I first saw the stuff all over the ground I thought someone had been strewing popcorn, but a closer look revealed the story. So June gets it, a squirrel.