Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Are You Ready

We think we are, but no doubt today and tomorrow will reveal to us all the things we have forgotten. Kids are all dining with inlaws or prospective inlaws, so it is just the three of us this year.

Which doesn't mean that I won't be cooking. I figure to be filling folks up with leftovers for at least a week.

Meanwhile, the kids had their six turkeys processed locally and were quite happy with the result. Weights ranged from a smaller hen at 15 pounds to big toms that were nearly 25.

They gave me one of the big ones, which I am saving for Christmas....really, if I had gotten it thawed we would be having it tomorrow....however, we do have a fresh one in the fridge. 

Anyhow, I hope you have fun cooking up a storm, while hopefully avoiding the predicted one. And be safe on those roads out there! It isn't bad enough that we are predicted to have a lot of, we all have to dodge thousands of people looking down at their phones. Texting while driving seems to have become the new national pastime.

While Alan was on his way home last night and driving through the Baltimore area he saw four accidents in quick succession. Three were obvious cases of distracted driving.

One involved the car directly in front of him and the one in front of it.

I guess we have to watch out for them, since they are certainly not watching out for us.

Have a great Thanksgiving anyhow.


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Beautiful birds!

Happy Thanksgiving to the folks as Northview!

threecollie said...

Thanks, Nita, I thought the kids did a great job with them, especially never having done it before.

ellie k said...

Happy Thanksgiving, I am not cooking this year. We take care of my mother in law and she does not like a lot of people in the house, she has late stages of dementia. She will go to a rest. And likes Cracker Barrel so we will take her there. The turkeys look great, the kids are doing a fine job with there new adventure.

Cathy said...

Happily . . brother Dan is dong the heavy lifting :)
Happy Thanksgiving.

Terry and Linda said...

Nice looking birds! I had a woman pass me going 50 mph (was going 45) looking at her phone! How do the think they can do stuff like that? They can't, but they still do it.


threecollie said...

ellie, thanks, Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. That is so hard!

Cathy, that sounds wonderful. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Linda, it is terrifying! How can they do it?