Saturday, November 22, 2014

They were Probably Harmless

It's all about the turkeys

The boss doesn't sleep much.....or at least not at one time.

Thus last night at midnight he was struggling with his TV....set top box is old and worn out and he really should get it replaced....and wide awake in the living room.

It was Friday, and sometimes Fridays mean Alan coming home, although he is actually working through this weekend down in DC.

But still....we never really know....

Thus when he saw headlights coming up the driveway, at first he was happy rather than alarmed.

But then the beams from flashlights started sweeping across the living room ceiling and he knew something was wrong.

He went to the back door to discover complete strangers wandering around the yard with flashlights.....merrily snooping at will.....

He was not happy. We are quite some ways from the road, up a twisting, rough old driveway. We have signs at the bottom to repel uninvited boarders, of which we get more than our share. It is not an inviting place for midnight perambulation...yet there they were, right by our car and the kids' trucks.

Supposedly they were looking for dogs missing from down in town. Brindle dogs, so I am thinking pit bulls....

So they just trundled right up the driveway, past the two, yes two, sets of posted signs to start searching the yard.

They were treated to a taste of the boss mad, an event which, once experienced, is not something you want to repeat.

Myself, I would have called the police on them, dogs or no dogs. In fact I have the non emergency number for the sheriff memorized in case I need it. However, I never even woke up.

Maybe they were just trying to give that guinea hen from yesterday a run for her money in the fastest hamster wheel competition and really were looking for dogs. Maybe they had something else in mind.....whatever..... long before this I had taken to re-locking the doors when I get up before the rest of the world and after I walk our dog. And nagging about bringing in keys, and locking up cars, and putting tools away.

If there were dogs I hope they find them. If there were no dogs I am glad the boss was awake and vigilant. And either way I hope they never come back.

And btw, the guinea hen turned herself in to the poultry authorities early yesterday morning, and put herself right back in the coop. She is now safely down in the barn with the rest of the flock.


Cathy said...

Wow. You rarely get a dull moment at Northview.

Frightening that people are that brazen.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Man that is too bold!

Those turkeys are looking yummy BTW :)

Terry and Linda said...

OH GOOD!!! Good the hen is home and good your husband was up...I'm sure those people where up to no good...the driveway pretty much said it was a DESTINATION if you arrive at the top...not something you just stop by on the roadway to check!


ellie k said...

We used to have people turn up at all hours os the night to see if Dad would take the tractor and pull them out of the ditch. Of course if they just run through the fence and could get out them selves they never bothered to come say the fence is down and the next knock at the door would be to tell us a herd of black and white cows are on the road, you should do something about them. So off we went in rain, cold or snow in the middle of the night and herd cows.

threecollie said...

Cathy, sometimes I wish for one. These incidents are very troubling for me....I usually feel pretty safe up here, but the boss had a terrifying encounter with a hunter just days before this. The guy came up to him while he was loading firewood into the skid steer up near our woods called him horrible names and threatened him if he didn't get out of the field because he was hunting. OUR FIELD!!!!! The boss was enraged and threw him off our land, but the other guy was armed. Could have ended up ugly. And now this in the middle of the night while we were sleeping. No matter what we do we can't get him to carry a cell phone. Arggh....

Nita, it is like being back in town when we had this kind of stuff daily. I hate it.

Linda, he keeps claiming to be missing tools and I keep telling him he just misplaced them. Maybe not!

Ellie, oh, that is just awful! And if somebody hit one you would have taken the loss and the blame. We had some trouble like that when the state put in a new road past here. They kept taking down the fence and not putting it back up or telling us. Sure frustrating!

Anonymous said...

Be very careful. They were up to ssomething besides dogs.

threecollie said...

Anon, I totally agree. Especially since a family member shared a news story about some dogs that match the description and location of these dogs and they had been missing for TEN days!!!