Friday, December 05, 2014

If the Sun Went Down

As far north as the moon did this morning it would be the highest of high summer, rather than late fall trending into winter.

The landscape is always eerie under a large and fullish moon even in summer when the fireflies are blinking under its bright, pale blaze and a thousand insects and night birds are calling. I pause every night and morning, in every single season, on the stair landing, just to look.

However in this season as it falls, fat and full and orange, into a hazy horizon far away, it is more than passing strange. Like some other planet in some other solar seems so oddly foreign.

And then the sun pops up pale and silvery pink and the weird just fades away.

Whatever, Daisy thought it was just wonderful that I stuck my feet in sneakers and joined her out in the dark this morning. She does love her some company. 


Terry and Linda said...

Can't see the sun or the moon here...wish I could.


Cathy said...

You spin magic with your observations. Magic.

threecollie said...

LInda, raining and cold and nasty here today too, but at least yesterday was pretty nice.

Cathy, thank you!