Friday, December 12, 2014

It's the Coffee Stupid

Marv and his big sister Cinnamon

I was wondering this morning why I had so much energy. Went out to the barn early to help the boss and enjoyed every minute of it. Busy, busy, busy..... What was up with that? (BTW he got Marv in and put in the pen. Hopefully, he will stay in said pen and he and Bruce will be headed off to what our good friend up west of here calls the Hosking Career Counseling Center for Bovines on Sunday. Time to pay some bills and give Marv's poor mother a break.)

Tantalizing taste of summer

Anyhow, all that gumption was a puzzle to me. This time of year I tend to drag slowly through the days, forcing myself to do what I gotta, never accomplishing one extra iota.

Then I realized. Our boy got home from Washington DC this morning at two and when he came down later he made us coffee. REAL COFFEE.

Yep, that stuff would fuel the International Space Station for a week, never mind an old farmer. Yowsa!

And yowsa number two,...the boss found the feather-end of a broadhead arrow in the hay. Must have been left by some hunter who lost track of it and it got baled up in the hay. The boss had already fed the cows the hay when he found the arrow. Now we wonder where the head is. Hopefully not inside a cow.

Also been wondering where the feeder birds are. Normally they clean them out in hours...past couple of days not so much. Then Alan spotted what we thought was a Cooper's Hawk hanging out in front of the house.

A little later I was in the kitchen when a bird hit the window and slid down to the sill. Not an everyday thing as I have made an effort to place the feeders safely. I went out to check...a Tufted Titmouse was sitting on the sill, flew away just fine. And so did the Cooper's Hawk.


The girls are still doing pretty good


jan said...

Caffeine is a truly wondrous drug of choice.

Rev. Paul said...

You don't really have any boring days, do you? :)

joated said...

Coffee good!

Birds into windows not. We get a few of them when the birds get excited. Most of them sit dazed for a bit and then fly off. A few end up feet up which is always sad. The cats are facinated either way but the birdies are on the other side fo the glass.

I've tried paper cut outs of hawks in the corners of the big windows but they don't seem to help. I've now got plastic appliques of snow flakes and holiday pictures and will give them a go.

The other half of the arrow may have been in a deer. I've had a few snap off when the deer bangs into a tree after being struck or when the legs kick up high enough to snap it off at the skin line. Or it could be stuck in the ground and gotten snapped off when the haymow came around.

Terry and Linda said...

Yummm fresh milk...wish I had some!


Cathy said...

Caffeine. It's a great drug when you need it :)

Sadly, I had a window strike today that broke my heart. It had been a dismal morning and that beautiful male cardinal . . .

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Caffeine and milk make the day around here too.

threecollie said...

Jan, it sure is! Waiting on the coffee maker right now in fact

Rev. Paul, not too many. Shipping bulls today....

Joated, I like the way you think on the arrow! I hope we don't have a cow suddenly go off her feed. My aunt says CDs work great to repel window strike. Guess I will give them a try.

Linda, the guys drink a good gallon a day or more.

Cathy, oh, that is so sad. No deaths here so far that I've seen. I put the main feeder within three feet of the window...less room to really get flying. And the others are far away. However, the big big I thought it was a Red-Tail at keeping them all so crazy.

Nita, my beverages of choice! lol