Saturday, December 06, 2014

Persistent Cold Rain

.....Is at least not nine feet of snow. For which I am grateful. 

Did the bank changing thing I threatened yesterday. What a great feeling to go from being shut out of an account and refused a simple solution to logging back in, to click, hey, presto, logged in and associated with all the other accounts we use for various purposes before we even got back home. Online banking is a fine thing.

 We gave a local bank a test drive, but the big national chain we have always used...ever since it wasn't a national chain and was just the neighborhood bank where I opened my first bank account when I was maybe eight years old...seems to meet our needs much better.

Very glad to have taken the day and gotten it done. 

Not so glad to have shopped....

In, no, please not stores.

Oh, it is good to have crackers in the house again.

And cheese. You MUST have cheese in your fridge. Plus other assorted sundries and foodstuffs. 

However, the crowds were awful. This person is giving gift cards or services, such as cleaning disaster area bedrooms and doing lots of laundry this holiday season.

Yep. Not much shopping involved. I hate shopping.

However, I have been given to understand that today is St. Nicholas Day. I sure liked that when we were kids. Our folks never mentioned the day in advance, so we were always astonished and delighted as we played on the living room floor and candy rained down on our heads.

We never looked up to check out who might be on the stairway throwing it either. I can still remember the butterscotch and peppermint and cinnamon candies. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for all the fun and memories.

And thanks for not throwing coal, even if we often deserved it. Yikes! That would have hurt.


Cathy said...

Sister. No one hates shopping more than I.
I just gave three gift cards today.

Uta said...

I always remember St. Nickolas day as well. I lived with nuns for about two years and they brought in the real St Nick dressed like the Pope. We would shake as he told us of all the bad things we did. That was about 63 years ago. You could'nt scare kids like that today.

threecollie said...

Cathy, laundry fairly glows in comparison to shopping. It's not just the's the people. lol

Uta, what a fascinating memory! It must have been scary indeed.

Terry and Linda said...

I detest shopping myself. So I UNDERSTAND!!!