Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pi R Round

Ida Reds

Thanks to the wonders of social media I sometimes get treated to photos of citrus fresh off the tree. Ah, the wonder of it in the Great Northeast we get our Cuties at the grocery store and are glad to have them.

Picked by the boss and me a few weeks ago

Turns out that locally grown apples are just as much of a wonder to folks who live in states where they won't grow. They have to buy those at the grocery store as well.

Thus as I was creating a couple of pi, which were round and not squared, I took a couple of pictures to share.

Alas I can't share even photographic evidence of said "pi"s, as they vanished from the kitchen quicker than mathematical equations vanished from my head the day I walked out the doors of Broadalbin Central for the last time. Sure were good though.

And stored in the cool area in the front hall


Cathy said...

Ummm . . . .
I'd sure help those disappear :)

ellie k said...

My grandma used to take a table knife and scrap the apple and it made a kind of fresh apple sauce only better and then feed to what ever grand child that was a baby. It was such a treat to eat a real apple with my grand ma.

Terry and Linda said...



threecollie said...

Cathy, if only you were here, we would be glad to share!

Ellie, sounds tasty. I'll bet Peggy would love it.

Linda, they sure go fast. lol