Friday, December 26, 2014

Pre Bird

Some birds before the birds.

The boss saw a huge wheel of gulls when he was down in town, so he ran home and got me and the camera to do what we could. 

It was pretty dark, so what I could do wasn't much, but there sure were a lot of them for this small inland village.


June said...

Is there a landfill nearby that's being disturbed?
Did it make you think of the Alfred Hitchcock movie?

threecollie said...

June, they come to a shallow section of the river right near where I shot these I think the herring school there, as there are plenty of mergansers, gulls and eagles all winter. Lots of geese too, although I's sure they're not after the fish. And yes, The Birds comes to mind whenever I see them swirling like this. I had to hide under grandma's dining room table whenever that came on TV LOL