Friday, December 19, 2014

Share a Little Happy

So many gloom-inducing things going on these days. None of them life-threatening, none of them blog worthy, all of them misery-inducing and joy killing.

So I will share with you this photo of some fabulous navel oranges, sent to us by kind and thoughtful family members who live in a state where there are oranges.

A little peach too

Thank you! They are as sweet as candy only better, and only a day and a half later I could no longer take this photo.....yeah, they are that good.

And meanwhile, back to misery. It appears that I must sign up for some form of health insurance or pay a substantial penalty....i guess even if you are not getting a tax return they keep track of your stuff and get you some way, somehow... At our income level, which is frequently more on the negative than positive side, there will probably be government involved, which as we all know, makes everything simpler and smoother and easier to understand.

That being said, I have tried several times to do this thing through the state exchange. The website crashes a lot and I can't equate farm tax documents, where everything is on different lines and has different names than regular ones, to the questions asked. 

Maybe I should just let them haul me to jail and get it over with. Bah humbug,

With a brand new "toy box" bucket


Cathy said...

Marianne . . . You address this sense of discordance that's sifting all around us. it's a top down thing. The occupant of the White House is responsible. I lay it on him. Bah Humbug!

(BTW - I saw a darling little peach among those orange pictures)

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

You better watch it, you're abusing that child letting her play with ordinary containers ;)

jan said...

I have heard health care in prison is pretty good.

And it does seem that there is discord emanating from the nation's capital on a daily basis.

Rev. Paul said...

I keep wondering what exactly the administration has on the Chief Justice which made him change his vote on health care. And yes, the gummint is the single largest provider of discord in the U.S.

Terry and Linda said...

Oh, shoot! I wish you could just get on Social Security and then that would be over with.

I lay all the blame on every one of those in in the white house from the top to the house to the senate to the you name it. FIRE THEM ALL and hire the common man...everything might go together better then!


Uta said...

She is definately a peach not an orange.

lisa said...

It never seems to get easier, the government will take over before we know it. They sure are on the right path to it. Good luck and let the granddaughter bring up those spirits of yours and boy, did those oranges look delicious!

threecollie said...

Cathy, that is part of we all get pretty gloomy about this and that this time of year.

Nita, yeah, we are awful meanies. lol

Jan, that is a point!

Rev. Paul, a lot of us with that question. I had to sign up for a program of this sort once when the kids were in school. Never did find anyone at the gov't level that could read a farm tax return. it was pretty awful.

Linda, I get SS but I am too young for Medicare for a couple more years.

Uta, she is! lol

Lisa, they are amazing!