Monday, December 08, 2014

The Dusty Daisy Does Not Lie

Tis that time of year when things that might better remain outside sneak inside.

And seek culinary congress....

With sunflower seeds and dog food and sundry other supplies, which are generally kept under the dining room table.

Daisy always lets us know when one has gotten in here. She is alert and eager to go places where she doesn't really belong....and she never lies.

Just now our little dachsie girl sneaked in under the buffet and began noodling around among the collection of soda bottles awaiting return.

Outrageous! Vermin in the dining room!

I used my best border collie encouraging voice. Chh em, Daisy, Chh chem.

She did.

And whatever it was ran right into my foot.


I screamed like a girl. After all I am a girl, albeit a fairly early model.

And now it is under the dining room table. 


Ch Chem Daisy, please!

And please! Let it just be a mouse.


Cathy said...

Hilarious :) Go get 'em Daisy !!
( a mouse as opposed to a - - - ? )

Terry and Linda said...

EEEK! Get'm Daisy! Mouse or squirrel go get'm!


lisa said...

Oh my, I would of screamed like a girl too! Matt tells me I scream like a girl all the time, :-)

joated said...

Sounds like a fun time for Daisy. Think she'll kill it or merely bat it around a bit before letting it go for later fun and games?

For your sake, I hope it's the former. And that she doesn't proudly carry it to plop it on your lap as a present.

jan said...

The predator instincts are barely below the surface of even the most civilized.