Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Storm that Wasn't and the Goats that Were

Linda Brown, the birds love your feeders! These are inches from my window over the sink!

Yesterday defined dismal. It was so hard to get motivated to actually do anything, but there were things to do and most of them got done somehow. 

Maybe I should wash the window over the sink

What was projected to potentially be a major snowstorm or ice storm or some other horrific weather event ended up as a rainy dirge lamenting in the background as we kept waiting for the weather to DO something.

Eventually it just.....didn't.

However, a valuable flock of Oberhasli show goats did, vanishing from their pasture leaving behind cut fence and vehicle tracks. There were gorgeous goats of other breeds too, but the Oberhaslis caught my eye, as they are one of my favorite breeds.

Thanks to the wonders of social media they were found almost immediately many miles away, safe and sound, and supposedly sold on Craig's List to unsuspecting buyers.

This happened just a few miles from here and is beyond creepy and frightening. As always there are a few comments blaming the owner for not keeping the goats locked up in a barn. Seriously? Video of the farm showed beautiful facilities and wonderfully well-cared for animals. Why do people always have to find some way to blame the victim of a crime? I hope they catch the perpetrator of this nasty action and punish them appropriately.

Snobby bird, turning his back on me


Cathy said...

Blamed the owner !!??

Crazy, crazy world. Upside down. And yes, sometimes a rainy dirge seems appropriate to my mood about the culture.

Terry and Linda said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying the feeders! And the birds also!! Big smiles here!

Our neighbor west of us lost five 600 pound calves two weeks ago. The hides were found last week in the hills. I guess the rustlers thought the coyotes would pack the hides off.

Makes me sick what people do to each totally un-necessary!


jan said...

We were supposed to get the Storm of the Century yesterday, but all is still dry this morning. Could the government weather bureau have gotten something wrong?