Thursday, December 04, 2014

There's Always Peggy

When the days get too gloomy.

It has been a week of warranty work on the Camaro that seemed to never end. Almost new car and the heater core went, suddenly. It is a huge, major job to fix it, and a big block of time was scheduled in advance and promises made about when it would be done.

Then the dealer suddenly went incommunicado. No info. Shortened calls. "It won't be ready in time."

No explanations. No answers. It was important that it be done in time as the guy who drives it must return to Washington DC for his work and there are no other vehicles around the place that would even begin to make the drive.

Fortunately his boss called and his job restarted a day late, so the car is back just in time for him to climb into it and drive away. Turns out the mechanics broke the air bag getting the dash off. Been nice if they had been willing to tell him.

Anyhow, in the interim he took the big, new tires off the Blue Bomber and put them on our car. What a beast it looks like now...not your average granny car. However, it was still picked out all those years ago by a granny....well not yet...but I am now...who was sick of getting stuck in that godawful driveway.

And that is the excitement around here.


Tina Marie the Willow Witch said...

In the first photo, I see a lot of Grandma in Peggy. She is such a doll. Auto dealers/repair shops, suck. period. I cringe every time we have to deal with them.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Thank heavens for Peggy! She brightens our day more than you know :)

Rev. Paul said...

That's plenty of excitement, actually. More than enough, whenever auto dealers [shudder] are involved.

Cathy said...

You don't need sunshine when you've got Miss Peggy beaming. Oh my gosh. :)

jan said...

She's growing up so fast. You really need to post more pictures of her so that we will recognize her. :-)

NumberWise said...

Yup, Peggy always brings a smile. What an expressive face she has!

ellie k said...

What a cutie, she must just make your days all be full of sunshine.

joated said...

That last photo looks like she's up to something!

threecollie said...

Tina, aw.....we all think she looks a lot like her dad, and her grandpa.

Nita, she is good for us too, such a funny little lassie.

Rev. Paul, it was pretty bad....shouldn't be so much drama in just getting your car fixed

Cathy, you are so right. She keeps boredom at bay.

Jan, she is! Already full of purpose, not all of it good. lol

NW, she is a pip!

Ellie, she is very demanding, but a lot of fun.

Joated, she usually is!

Terry and Linda said...

I hate that kind of excitement! Although, the darling little child does make the days much brighter!