Sunday, January 25, 2015

Blizzard Warning

Now you see us...species number 21 for 2015

For tomorrow until Wednesday.

Oh, yay. Yes I know it is January but on top of everything else that is going on, we do not need a major storm.

However, that and a dollar will get you a some stores at least.

So the boss is talking to hay customers about whether they need hay right away or can wait until after the storm to get it, as he needs to make sure we have plenty of wood to keep everyone warm. Meanwhile, Liz's husband has a serious medical crisis in his family...good thoughts and prayers would be they are wrapped up with that. 

And now you don't, although we are there if you look closely

 I hope you who live within reach of this big storm are going to be somewhere safe and warm with plenty of supplies. Meanwhile, as always when the weather gets bad, make sure to stock up on milk. NY dairy farmers will thank you.

Crows in the backyard during a small squall


Rev. Paul said...

All y'all stay safe.

Deb said...

Stay safe and warm. Prayers for Jade and his family. We are expecting up to 36". We are as prepared as we can be. Plenty of feed for the two legged and four legged folks and plenty of wood. Let it snow :)

NumberWise said...

I'm sure glad we're not in that 24-36" + category. The 6-8" forecast for here is plenty, thank you. I do remember the three feet of snow we got 8-10 years ago, though, and we did just fine. I'd sure hate to live near NYC and get that kind of snow.

threecollie said...

REv. Paul, thanks, I don't know how much we will actually get but the powers that be are going crazy. Closing roads in advance, shutting down schools etc. I don't know what happened to our pioneer spirit.

Deb, thanks, you too, and thanks for the prayers. They really need them.

NW, I think the city will be a mess. Time will tell about upstate. Looks as if we are east of the worst of it.

Cathy said...

Our NH son is due for up to 20 inches.
And a day without milk is unthinkable :)
Stay cozy.