Wednesday, January 07, 2015

I Blame the Moon

It was full the other night and is still fat and sassy. I swear it brings the cold right with it, just pours it out over the land, then walks away without a backward glance.

Walking in to Manatee Springs

Sure is pretty though. It rises in the evening right outside the big windows in the living room and sets just before dawn out by the heifer barn. Although I hate the cold I can't help but enjoy the difference it brings to the landscape.

Nothing is the same by moonlight, ever. Mundane objects take on an ethereal glow as if touched by distant magic. And the shadows....ah, the mysteries they conceal, and the wonder they reveal. 

Cormorant by Alan...that boy has steady hands, as this was very far away
Suwanee River

If it hadn't been so cold I might have gone outside with the camera, but instead I huddled under my spotted cow blankie..thank you Tawny....and shivered at the sight of it painting prisms on the icy frost on the window.

Manatee Springs

At least the house is pretty warm this morning. The boss brought down some different wood last night and it was warm when I got up and lots of hot water too. I shamelessly grabbed the first shower. Liz and Jade both fell on the ice yesterday with attendant damage, so nobody going out on that front....and Becky has a late start it was mine....all mine......

Complete with Manatee
I hear that a lot of the country is going to join us in the deep freeze....ouch.......
stay warm good friends, and endure. Spring is says here in fine print.....


joated said...

I read in the Almanac that this was the Wolf Moon. If so, it bites! (Pretty to look at though.)

Cathy said...

Love this line:
" And the shadows....ah, the mysteries they conceal, and the wonder they reveal. "
You did the moon justice. I've never been able to satisfactorily limn its effect. Stay cozy and watch out for that ice!

Rev. Paul said...

You continue to wax poetic about nature, and we continue to admire it.

Gorgeous and bright, frigid and biting ... you nailed it.

Terry and Linda said...

Gosh I hope the falls didn't cause too much damage. Sometimes bruises that a long time to heal!


lisa said...

Wonderful pictures! Stay warm yourself, I know we are trying.

threecollie said...

Joated, danged wolf has been nipping at my heels all day. Brr

Cathy, thank you....but you know you are a great poet!

Rev. Paul, thanks, you don't hear the things I saw about winter that are more profane than poetic. lol

Linda, they both have sprains and such. not feeling too good.

Lisa, thanks, I simply hate winter. Going south made me wonder why on earth we live here. Ack.