Thursday, January 08, 2015

I'm Not a Robot

I keep telling Blogger this, but it simply won't take my word for it.

I am cold though, and if you enjoy life here in the Great Northeast, no doubt you are too.

Not a good night for sleeping, as the house was just plain cold. We finally closed off my portal on the night sky...the window on the stair landing...with plastic yesterday. I will forego Orion and the passing moon for a little bit less of a draft.

Heck, let's be honest, Yesterday that draft would have made a four-master strike her sails in terror.

However, as I read the long range forecast I see that after a few more frigid ones we are returning to more bearable winter weather. From nine below, thirty degrees looks real good.

And meanwhile, as I go to sleep at night I remember white beaches and silver sands and skies full of birds that I am still looking up.

Muscovy Duck..I believe you can count these in Florida under some circumstances


Cathy said...

Well if some had their way . . . we would all, eventually, be lock-stepping robots. Just say'n . .

Keep Florida-dreaming, TC . . . Spring is just around the corner :) Stay cozy.

P.S. I am not a robot - yet.

NumberWise said...

Uncle! I've had enough...

I, too, woke up during the night, listening to be sure the furnace was running. It was a relief to get up this morning and find that no pipes had frozen.

These old houses are drafty when it's so cold. In my house, the big steam radiators get really hot, and I can see the hot air rising - the dust rises with the air! That rising air pulls the cold air from the areas around the windows and outside walls. It's good heat circulation, yes, but sometimes it almost feels breezy.

I hope you have some good wood for the next few days.

How are Liz and Jade?

threecollie said...

Cathy, sad but true. Warmer today than the past two days. Ralph and I spent much of both days trying to find ways to get this place warm. Glad you are not a robot!

NW, same here. I am so over this. lol Have gone so far as to build a heat deflector out of a pizza box to stop the "warm" air from going straight up from the ceiling. Guess they are okay. Liz is better at least. Thanks, take care!