Friday, January 09, 2015

Not Much to Say

Great Egret Cedar Key boat launch

It is just cold and our days are spent finding ways to make the house warmer. Yesterday this included putting bales of hay along one part of the foundation.

Black Vulture Manatee Springs

Getting some furnace tape and taping up still more cracks made by the big explosion a couple of years ago.

Black and Turkey Vultures

Moving the plenum that transfers the heat from hot water from the wood stove to hot air for the ducts to make a tighter seal.

Ever more plastic in ever more places. 

Stealing some pallets from calf stalls in the barn to get the stove cranking like it means it. No calves any more so no need for the pallets and they burn fiercely.

And an old pizza box bent to deflect warm air from the kitchen register into the actual kitchen as opposed to the ten-foot-high ceiling.

Not exciting at all, but necessary. Stay warm.  


Rev. Paul said...

Air deflectors for vents which channel the heat in a wrong direction is always a good idea. And it makes your kitchen smell like pizza! :)

Earl said...

There is always hanging sheets from the ceiling to lower the heated area, like camping inside the house.

They once closed off whole areas of the home, only using the living areas, everything else became cold storage and walls against the wind and cold.

Terry and Linda said...

We had a frigid home for several years...your feet actually got stuck on the floor if you didn't have socks.


lisa said...

Glad things are normal!

Uta said...

In our first house, which was drafty, we used large plastic bags that we filled with leaves that we raked in the fall and placed them on the north side of the house along the foundation. It worked to keep the wind out. Stay warm.

Cathy said...

I've nailed sheets to a rafter that divided our rooms. We suburbanites do do too well when the power goes out.
Hang in there. Hope your feeder birds are brightening your days.

threecollie said...

REv. Paul, I've tried a couple commercial ones and they keep getting displaced. So far the only problem with the pizza box is that Peggy loves to flap it. lol

Earl, we have been doing that in some places with sheets of plastic. It does help. We don't put much heat upstairs....still cold though

Linda, so far none of the plumbing has frozen, which is a big plus.

Lisa, hope Tawny is okay.

Uta, I used to shovel snow up around the foundation. This year we don't have enough though. lol