Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow Day

It does NOT look anything like this outside our door

The fridge is full of milk, two families worth. Essential paper products stockpiled  in another room...check.

And bread, we have bread.

The boss met his hay customer extra early so she has feed for her animals.

Our stock is all fed, extra well.

Three loads of wood brought in and covered.

Just in case.

We are ready for this!

And now, not a flake....except for the ones on TV

I ain't complaining cuz I ain't a fan, but after a while it is like the boy who  cried "wolf".

Only instead, it's the forecasters and public officials who haven't got a clue.

The best forecast I heard was from the nice man who brings me bird seed now and then. He said, "I don't think you will get much if any. Probably nothing."

And he was right. However, to the east and south of us folks are getting nailed. Power is out and winds and snow totals are high. I will hold good thoughts for them. 

***all ire directed at hyped up TV broadcasts, not the hard-working people who try to figure out what our weather will be. And at politicians who go so far over the top that they become irresistible targets. You know who I mean.


Wil said...

Many are the times it has been your neck of the woods being pounded by Jack Frost's minions. Be thankful for small winter favors.

Rev. Paul said...

Our "big" storm over the weekend was to have produced 14"; we got 3.5". (The only difference is that we wanted the snow.)

It seems even the meteorologists have fallen into the hysteria trap, probably in search of ratings.

ellie k said...

So glad you wall are ok, I have checked a few times today to see the ok from you and the family. I really feel bad for the people with all the snow, little kids and old people suffer the most. Thanking God that all is well for you.

--K. said...

I'm in southeast New Hampshire, and we're among those getting walloped - 28 inches and counting!