Friday, January 30, 2015

Warms you Twice

These are actually some of the smaller pieces

When we logged off some woods last year at tax time our logger friend left us with some huge boles of maple and some other hard woods that were not what was needed for log wood.

Those we are burning in the wood boiler. Sometimes that takes some serious preparation as they are far too big to lift or to fit through the door.

These pics were taken a couple of weeks ago. As you can see we have had our boy home for a bit, but now he is headed back to our nation's capitol, just in time to miss the Super Bowl, as he has to drive then.

Oh, well, I don't think anyone in the family has any dogs in that fight anyhow. Becky and he conspired to buy their dad a nice TV. The one he had I bought for him way back when we lived in town...since we moved up here in 2001 it was an oldie and not so goody. There is something wrong with the sound on it and whenever the boss went to sleep in front of it, it would creep up from a setting of maybe five to twelve...or twenty.....or nine million and six. It was awful!!!

Since any farmer's wife knows that as soon as a farm guy comes indoors and sits down where it's warm he goes right to sleep, that happened all too often. The new one has a nice picture and the sound is clear and stays where you set it. Ahh....the quiet.....

All well and good, but I still don't watch TV. Maybe the next time the boy comes home we can watch some movies....I still have only seen the first Hobbit movie....then again maybe not. There are still an awful lot of books in the world that I haven't read yet.

*First bird today Northern Cardinal


Tina Marie the Willow Witch said...

You have such awesome kids!

Rev. Paul said...

That was very thoughtful of the kids to get the new TV for the Boss. :)

For your part, books are better than TV, any day of the week.

Anonymous said...

LOL you forgot to mention the biggest reason behind the new TV.... And that's watching Doctor Who. Dad getting a TV was secondary to my ability to watch The Doctor in the TARDIS. I am however glad he's enjoying it.

Terry and Linda said...

YAY for the new tv. You are so right...the second Terry sits down after supper he goes to sleep. I'm like you I love reading a good book...or five.

Linda ❤⊱彡

threecollie said...

Tina, thanks, we think so too, most of the time. lol

Rev. Paul, I am grateful for the was always so loud! And books....yes!

Becky, yeah, yeah, Dr. Who. Happy Birthday kiddo

Linda, every farm guy I have known does it.....and these cold days I kind of understand. As soon as you get warm after being really cold you get sleepy. lol

Cathy said...

"Smaller pieces."


And that TV volume thing is prettttty weird. I'm thinking thar be ghosties haveing some fun with you.

(As for TV viewing. Oh my. Just spent time with my highly educated sister down here in Florida. They catch every single "Judge Judy" )