Monday, January 26, 2015

Whence Commeth these Cats

Miss Cattie fach, one of the three remaining official cats

When the cows left we had maybe eight barn cats. We never have too many as the varmints and the road keep the population low.

We decided to let attrition winnow the ranks and it did. Fighting amongst themselves, the road, mysterious disappearances, they are mostly gone. We now have three cats plus Elvis, who is a story unto himself. 

And then this morning I went over to the barn to tell the boss that his hay customer was waiting for him at the bottom of the hill, and there it was, another cat.

A fairly pretty one, long, black fur, bright green eyes, sitting on the stable cleaner chute and yowling and howling at me for all it's worth.

But just where did he come from?


Cathy said...

Can you tell whether or not they're "people" comfortable . . . ? Is it possible that they're being dropped off near farmhouses/barns hoping that they'll find a place to hang out?

Terry and Linda said...

Perfect for your barn!! Or is it a neighbors cat?

Linda ❤⊱彡

Wil said...

The same way I ended up with nearly a dozen ... one pregnant female dropkicked to the curb at my doorstep plus time plus natural selection. Stupid ones/slow ones/chicken-inside-the-head ones all get run over. Homebodies get fed and knocked up. More cats for the grist.

threecollie said...

Cathy, we are wondering if this may be the little Amish cat Liz brought home a couple of years ago. A wild stray tom cat has terrorized the place for years and he used to beat poor Jetsam every day. One day he vanished and we figured the grey tom had killed him. The grey tom finally met his maker and now this little black kitty showed up. We have a housing development just east of us and he may have been living down there. If it is indeed Jetsam I am kind of happy to see him despite the no new cats ban. He was a nice cat.

Linda, see above comment. He is either our old cat, a drop off, or he came up from town, which does sometimes happen. so much for no new cats. lol

Wil, HI!! Long time since I saw you here. Hope you are well. I don't imagine we will ever have very many as they have to be very cautious to survive. If what I said to Cathy above is true he is ours anyhow. Just hasn't been seen in over a year!

Ivor Jones said...

My sister had cats disappear, along with quite a few neighboring farms. Then one night a Great Horned owl was heard.