Monday, February 02, 2015

Ain't it Perfect

Our boy waited three weeks, laid off at home, with all sorts of unpleasant stuff going on, so he could ride that Arctic Cat at home. He and Jade went out once up on the Tug Hill Plateau and had a nice time, but he wanted to ride HERE.....all those acres, all those familiar woods, and fields, and farm roads.

But, for nearly a month, despite extravagant threats from the weather forecasters and political gurus in Albany we got no snow. Zip, zilch, nada.

He finally got called back to work DC again. I guess the driving wasn't too bad because the folks who would normally be creating traffic were watching the Super Bowl except for some folks with southern plates that panicked at the first flake he had a decent drive.

However, now that he is far from this area code, we have snow.

Lots of snow

Not quite snowpacalypse but enough that I had to shovel to feed the birds and take Daisy the low-tranny dachsie out this morning. (As you can see, she ignored my efforts)

And it is still snowing.

Sorry Al, wish it was different than it is. Cold as it has been it will probably still be here when you get home.

And meanwhile, guess I will make some chicken soup.


A. Montgomery said...

I made some last week. It is in the freezer if you want some. We are having chili. Love, Mom

Cathy said...

I hope Al will forego serious disappointment if his arrival home finds Northview free of the white stuff :)

It sure is pretty, though. Daisy says so.

lisa said...

I told Matt earlier on in the weekend, now that it is going to be february we would get our snow!

Terry and Linda said...

HUGE giant flake it looks like also. And tons of snow..tons!

Linda ❤⊱彡

threecollie said...

Mom, I would love your chili, but the chicken soup wasn't too shabby. Took me a while, but I finally learned you

Cathy, looks as if this will be a short job for him and he will have plenty of snow. lol

Lisa, I keep asking myself why we live up here. I hate the cold, positively hate every minute of why do we do this?? I dunno.

linda, it started like meal and then just never stopped. Ack!