Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Deadly Beauty

Grandma say stay warm out there

Five o'clock this morning and the moon was setting behind the heifer barn. I took a moment to open the plastic curtain over the dining room windows...about the only ones you could see out between the frost and sheets of plastic everywhere.

Outside the snow shimmered with crystals, nearly bright as day, spinning monochrome rainbows across the indigo ice. It was beautiful beyond description, but just that momentary lifting of the plastic let icy air flow across my feet.

It is only five below just now, no biggie in the cold winter scheme of things, but this is a time to be careful out there. Cold can kill. Stay safe.

And on that note the kids have been inveigling me into movie nights, catching me up on all the Disney's I have missed in recent years.

Tangled was good. I liked Brave.

However, I absolutely refuse to watch Frozen until the seasons change....and maybe not even then. Brrr......


Cathy said...

Oh that is so understandable. I gave me nieces the Frozen castle and characters for Christmas. No way am I watching it though :)
Stay safe and cozy.

threecollie said...

Cathy, lol, seriously they wanted me to see it and I just said no thanks...talk to me in July. BTw, been loving your Florida pictures...like a little vicarious vacation from the cold.