Thursday, February 05, 2015

Hard Edge of Hunger

This weather changes things outside. Normally Cardinals are the leeriest of birds, except maybe for the Blue Jays. And if I fill the feeders half-way the seed lasts two days to a week.

This week however, the birds are emptying the feeders in less than a day.

When I went out at dawn to put out seed this morning the whole Cardinal flock landed right behind me and started eating before I even finished filling the feeders.

Ground feeders are finding ways to eat even on the suet blocks. Nothing like an American Tree Sparrow clinging to a wire cage trying to peck woodpecker blocks.....

I'll bet they are more eager for spring than we are. 


joated said...

With 4 inches of powder covering the tray feeder on the deck this morning it was interesting to watch the blue jays, mourning doves and red-bellied woodpeckers sorta brush it away to get to the seed.

The finches and chickadees may have spooked from the stick feeders while Terry shoveled nearby but as soon as she got more than three feet away, they were back feeding.

Cold and starvation will cause the critters to throw their normal caution to the wind.

Cathy said...

That frozen tundra picture. Shiver.
And bless you for helping those creatures survive this rather brutal winter.

threecollie said...

Joated, so glad to see that you are home! Hope your recovery is proceeding well. The boss has taken up the birds and feeds them every day, even if I feed them too.

Cathy, just the back yard. lol I figure they are helping me at least as much as we help them! Wonderfully entertaining critters...and the Caroline Wrens still come.