Wednesday, February 11, 2015

More Bunny Tales

Many bunnies hopping up the driveway to the honey locust tree

Winter is obviously not the best time of year for anyone but snowmobilers and skiers.

And ice fishermen.

Up and down snow banks higher than my head

Even rabbits must go to great lengths, or perhaps I should say climb to great heights, to get at the stuff of life...such as bark.

I had to use auto-contrast to make these tracks in the snow show up, but you can...kinda...see that they are climbing tall snowbanks and plowing through deep snow to get to the bark they want to eat.

Bark eater

Yum, yum

I would imagine that under the snow a lot of fruit trees and brambles are being girdled as they and the mice tunnel for bark. We lost a good sized apple tree to mice not too many years ago. I hope they leave the Ida Red up by the garden alone. It has a cage....but mice are pretty small.

This soft, fluffy stuff along the driveway is over my waist.


Rev. Paul said...

Getting photos to show contrast in the snow can be tricky; well done!

Cathy said...

Yes. What Rev. Paul said.
We're headed back to 'snow' tomorrow.
"Over my waist" . . . !!!

lisa said...

Ours is when we get into the drifts. We had the same idea. I took lots of winter pictures this morning.(last for the rest of the weeks posts)

Terry and Linda said...

Oh, my heavens you are BURIED! I have never seen that much snow (here) ever!

Linda ❤⊱彡

threecollie said...

Rev. Paul it is very frustrating!

Cathy, it is even over Jade's waist!

Lisa, not much else to photograph and there is plenty of it for subject matter. lol

Linda, we are! Can't step off the plowed areas unless you want to swim in it.