Saturday, February 21, 2015

On the Lamb

Yeah, I spelled that right. Yesterday the kids picked up a bum lamb from a friend of the family in trade for some eggs. He is a cutie, Border Leicester and Clun Forest or so they say. I like sheep.


I cannot begin to describe the chaos created by a baby sheep who thinks he is a person, a rotten little Dachshund who thinks she is a dire wolf, and a baby, who is already as animal crazy as her mother ever was.....remember Grandma and Grandpa's goat pen anyone?

It was so loud here last night that it was nearly unbearable. However, the rotten little dog eventually slept in her crate, and the lamb slept in a dog crate in the kitchen. I am assuming Miss Peggy, the new shepherdess of Northview Farm, slept in her crib. In my room, far, far away from any other room, I didn't hear them at least.

They named him Klondike in honor of our favorite Facebook game, and the weather. Please join me in hoping that it soon warms up enough for him to sleep in the barn instead of next to the kitchen sink. Thanks.


joated said...

I think I read once that a full house is a happy house.

Your's must be estatic!

Cathy said...

Awwww . . .. I love your family's 'crazy' .

A. Montgomery said...

I remember the goat pen. Kids in the kitchen in a pen because it was too cold in the shed. I remember Liz in the goat pen jumping up and down wanting to get in with the kids and I let her and she was estatic. She was fine and loved them all. We have some wonderful memories of kids and children and their parents.
Love Mom

Breezey375 said...

I was desperately wishing both dogs and sheep came with mute buttons last night. Alas....

threecollie said...

Joated, yep, just color me ecstatic. lol

Cathy, some days I do too. Today it is a bit calmer. Daisy is getting...kinda...used to the sheep. Thank God. lol

Mom, Peggy reminds me so much of Liz when she was little. Love you!

Becky, yeah, I can about imagine. At least yesterday was Saturday so you could sleep.