Monday, February 16, 2015

Start Your Day the Frostbite Way

Peggy taking advantage of Uncle Alan's toaster coat

Thanks to wearing glasses, it is hard to wear a face mask like the guys do, because they either get caught up in it or fog up so bad I can't see anyhow. Ditto with my big red scarf.

I'm sure it's not serious, but in only a few minutes outdoors helping the boss get some decent wood up to the stove from the heifer barn, I froze my left cheek bone.

Felt it right away, came inside and thawed, but it feels kinda....icky.....right now.

Dang this weather. Third coldest February on record. The days are just something to be endured.

I'm loving the heated hoodie Al bought me though. On low the battery lasts six hours and low is surprising warm. With a couple of sweaters and such under and a down vest over, I am I call it my toaster coat.


Rev. Paul said...

That heated hoodie sounds like a wonderful idea - I'm glad it works so well.

A. Montgomery said...

That wonderful son, and son in law of yours brought me milk, bread and eggs and plowed our driveway. They were just going by and saw it wasn't plowed, so the did what they could and then your brother and his son came and finished up all around and fixed Dad's snowblower. I felt so bad for them working out in that cold garage. You should have seen the snow blowing when Matt was clearing my turn around place. Like a blizzard. God Love Them All.
Love Mom

Cathy said...

I know just what you mean about wearing glasses and going blind trying to protect your face with a scarf.
I always thought ski googles atop the glasses might help. Never tried it, though.
Hope your cheek starts behaving real quick.

Cathy said...

PS Those pictures of Alan and Peggy:
Handsome. Adorable.
Winning combination.

NumberWise said...

I've wondered how you keep Peggy warm in this awful cold, so I love that photo of her with Alan!

Even though things are fine here - the furnace is running, the pipes aren't frozen, and the worst of the drafts are plugged up - I find that I'm tense constantly during this weather. Things can freeze up in an instant, as you know so well!

lisa said...

I am so...... looking forward to spring!

Terry and Linda said...

Goodness..your cheekbone! What do you do for something like that? I hope you can start to see some warmth there soon!

Linda ❤⊱彡