Friday, February 13, 2015

Stuff goin' On

Crazy times around here. Jade hasn't been feeling the best and had to get checked out by a whole bunch of doctors.

Turns out he has Lyme's Disease, which is pretty awful stuff. Hopefully with treatment he will feel better pretty soon, but we have all been worried.

Meanwhile, his clever little daughter is just on the cusp of walking, cruising everywhere, and getting really, really mad if she doesn't have enough marauding-in-the-living-room time each day.

She said her first word, "hi" a couple of days ago, playing with an old house phone I took the batteries out of so she could have it. She holds it right up to her ear to say hi and laughs like crazy.

She knows.


Cathy said...

I'm sure they'll get on it. I know a gal who was having a pretty rough time . ..took some serious antibiotic treatment. She's doing very well.

Thank God they got a diagnosis.

And your sweet little Miss Sunshine just keeps beaming :)

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Darling baby! I hope Jade feels better soon, Lyme is so bad.

Hope your weather breaks soon!

Tina Marie the Willow Witch said...

Lymies is not fun, but with the right med's he should hopefully start to feel better in the future. It can take awhile and it is different for everyone. Its been 3 years for me and I can still have what I call a Lymie day.

She is such a doll, darlin little girl.

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Wishing Jade rapid healing from the Lyme's. I've contracted it three times and the treatment seems to have healed me. What a curse it is upon those of us who love to be outdoors. Let's hope by the time your darling granddaughter is ready to romp through the meadows that Lyme has been conquered by science.

Rev. Paul said...

I hope Jade gets better quickly.

jan said...

You need to post more baby pictures. I can't believe how big she has gotten.

NumberWise said...

Lyme Disease - that's tough. I guess the good news is that it's treatable once you can get it diagnosed.

We have seen several photos of Liz with a phone to her ear, so I'm not surprised that Peggy's first word is "hi"!

Terry and Linda said...

Lyme disease is a tough one to recover from...but thankfully he found out so he CAN recover.

She is a cutie!

Linda ❤⊱彡

threecollie said...

Cathy, when they didn't put him on antibiotics when he got the tick I kind of expected this. Not glad that it ended up like this.

Nita, thanks, we need a break. Haven't seen 30 since so long I don't remember it feels like

Tina, I am pretty worried about this...thanks

Jacqueline, I feel so sorry for him. I miss so much outdoors since the ticks came. When we were kids we rolled around in the grass all the time. Now it is hard to even go to the garden

Rev. Paul, thank you!

Jan, sorry, I need to take more, but things are kind of.....not so hot...

NW, she loves to say hi now. lol. We need to talk, but I am never alone for very long....

Linda, I think he feels a little better...