Friday, February 20, 2015

Stuff goin' On

Taken from the driveway

Not much but sad news to report. Our area lost two very special people last week, icons in this small town farming world. One was the owner of one of the most famous farm stores in the state. He was someone we all liked very much and admired for the amazing things he did for the community....and a very special friend of Ralph's. Although he was not a young man by any means, the farming community was stunned by his loss. The wake is today.....

The other was a teacher at the kids' nursery school. Generations of area little ones called her "grandma", our own included. She was someone we have loved since my brothers and I were little kids ourselves. We grew up with her sons and went to her family's farm to pick out fuzzy little kitties to take home back in the day. We also went to that farm on field trips when we were in grade school. We weren't farm kids and we learned a lot.

The valley will miss them both for a long time I think.

Then there were the fires. This has been the worst year for fires I think I have ever seen. There were three major ones going on in the county all at the same time the other day, including this one right across the river from our house.

Although the people in these tragedies were uninjured, pets and belongings, in some cases everything they owned were lost......this area needs a break in this Godawful weather and soon.


Terry and Linda said...

Fires...sigh! I wish people who stop it with the matches.

I'm sorry for the loss of your two wonderful friends. When I read tributes like this I always hope when I die someone will miss me and think kindly of me like you do these two.

Linda ♪♫❤

Cathy said...

I'm so sorry, Marianne. We have friends who've lost beloved family members in the past two weeks. This winter has been hard in so many ways. And Linda said it very well.

threecollie said...

LInda, thanks for your kind words. We were stunned by the loss of Ralph's friend, Lynwood, a very great man indeed. He will sure be missed.

Cathy, this winter has been a horror and shows no signs of letting up. car won't go this AM. Alan says the gas lines are all frozen. So we don't know if the guys will get to the funeral or not. On a brighter note, or perhaps I should say a much louder note, there is a lamb in the kitchen.