Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Changing of the Guard

The boys modified an old brooder into this nifty structure for baby chicks.
The kids also managed to find a lot more than these.......

I guess Peggy had a rough night, going to sleep just in time for her daddy to go to work and her mama to catch a few winks before the day begins. Cutting molars at just one year old is tough stuff!

Thus paths just missed crossing on the way to daylight. I get up early to work on the Farm Side while it is still quiet..... and just because I am a morning person.

This is often time for private joy. Lonesome sunrise, early bird song, the whistle of a passing train.... It can be nice to be alone in the earliest part of the day. Sometimes there are issues though.

This morning walking the dog with leash and flashlight, rather than just opening the door and mixing the dog food, showed discretion rather than valor, thanks to our ever present wildlife.

The past couple of early mornings and late evenings have offered us the fragrant aroma of Mephitis Mephitis wandering the neighborhood in search of love, grubs, stuff in the compost bin, or whatever it is that brings skunks out in late winter. (And way late this year...we usually notice them in January.)

Dogs that want to live in the house with the folks must beware. Skunk is not a popular bouquet among the denizens of den and parlor, thus pups must not sport it, no matter how appealing they might find it.

Kinda like rolling on fresh cow patties or random dead things. People just don't get it.

Anyhow, with Alan home, and spring on the way, things are moving and shaking around the place. He refurbished an old fish tank, so we have guppies, glow tetras, and neons, brightening up the living room, a newly reconstructed brooder full of chickies in the heifer barn and all sorts of other projects starting or in the planning stages awaiting better weather.

Never a dull moment around this place!


Cathy said...

So nice and cozy and convivial in that brooder pen:)
And if I lived closer - you'd have fewer of those lonesome sunrises ;) Sounds so lovely.

threecollie said...

Cathy, I love the sound of their contented peeping! And if you lived closer I would relish company in the early morning.....

NumberWise said...

Last night I caught a whiff of skunk, and immediately I thought of this post. So often you write about something that I have noticed.

jan said...

When I wax poetic over babies, I forget the teething and sleeplessness.