Monday, March 09, 2015

First Bird

I keep track of the first bird I see or hear every day, just for fun. Usually it is an American Crow or some other common critter, but today it was something unusual.

Over the past few weeks the boss and Alan have been finding turkey carcasses all over the old pasture and even right down in the barnyard. They think they have been torn up by coyotes or eaten by owls or something, but at any rate they are getting eaten.

This morning when I stepped outside I saw some of them, up on the hill behind the house. I wonder if they moved because of the killing or because the snow is going down.

At any rate, first bird was a turkey.


Chickenmom said...

Had a lone turkey visit the chickens for a while and then he was gone! Lots and lots of coyotes here, too.
Wild River sent me over!

Terry and Linda said...

Poor birds. I hope they can survive you horrible long winter

Linda ★★

Cathy said...

It's a hard old world out there. Toothed and clawed.

threecollie said...

Chickenmom, thank you so much for visiting! And thanks to Wild River for sending you. We had one hen turkey raise a nest of poults in our empty silo room. Sure was interesting when she flew out the window when we were walking by

Linda, there is a little brown ground in the yard today. They should be able to get around better soon unless we get another big snowfall.

Cathy, it is indeed! I feel sorry for the birds and mammals this winter and have even gone so far as to feed old apples to the yard bunnies.