Thursday, March 19, 2015


Garden pond ice sculpture

And shiverish out. But lovely, just lovely.  Bright and sunny, with not too much wind. The ground is frozen again. No mud. Nothing left behind by the doggies in the snow all those months of cold and ice.

There was a little snow on the woodshed

Some kind of blackbird, probably a grackle in the tree above the clothesline. I am freeze drying blankets and sheets out there in hopes of clearing away some of the ugly fug of winter and sickness and misery.

Just a little....

No one is really quite well yet, but everyone seems to be ready to move again at least.....Have a good one. 


jan said...

sunshine always makes the world look better...

Cathy said...

Oh Marianne. Wishing you sun, birdsong and health.
And I'm thinking that '14' referred to the temperature there.
We only got into the mid-20's.

Terry and Linda said...

Golly, you so need some melting warm days and for Spring to appear!

Linda ★★

threecollie said...

Jan, boy, that is the truth!

Cathy, thanks, cold here this AM, but it is sunny and the birds are really having at it.

Terry, we do! Although on the other hand I think the river is deicing fairly slowly, which will save on the flooding later.