Friday, March 20, 2015

Good Reads

Saw this blog post on a friend's Facebook wall and was delighted. Although we showed dairy, not beef, so our animals came back home to the herd, most of these were true for our kids and their friends.

The family that shows together.....

Can't say enough about fair friends...our kids formed lifelong friendships with the kids they met tying cows together at the fair...and we formed friendships as well. Even with the folks that we only see on Facebook, or hear about from mutual friends, there are always those memories.

Of great cows, good judges, and ones with judgment that was strongly questioned in muttered conversations back at the barn. Of grand champion ribbons and coming in last. Of fair food, fair football games, unfair cows who liked to step on kids' feet in the show ring, and then push until they fell over, foot still pinned under that hoof....hundreds of stories, decades of fun......the post brought it all back for a minute or two.

Oh, and if you see Ralph congratulate him on being invited to the Holstein Convention as a 40 year member of the Holstein Association. He got a note yesterday, but he says since he was a junior member earlier, he has been a member even longer than that. Cool


Terry and Linda said...

YAY for you Ralph! A 40 year member is a Big deal!

Linda ★★

Cathy said...

A rich life, indeed. Congrats to hubby:)

threecollie said...

Linda, I was delighted for him. I don't think we will be going to Illinois to accept it, but it is pretty cool anyhow.

Cathy, thanks!