Monday, March 02, 2015


Apple twig nipped by a Cottontail

........ to March. The sun is rising a tad more to the north and setting just a little later each night.

It is above zero for the most part now, so the bigger of the two lambs went to the barn the other night and seems to have acclimated just fine.

Yes I did say two lambs. The kids got another one, a little ewe, which is next to my chair in the dog crate. The house smells like sheep.

More evidence.
By the light color of those droppings I don't think they are eating too well.

I have heard rumors that it may hit forty later in the week. It will feel like summer. Even on this 22 degree morning I am down several layers. The wind is howling though so before I go outdoors that will have to change. Had to shovel a drift out of the back door to get poor Daisy out this morning. She wasn't real happy about that.

They are even eating the big branches.
 I shudder to think what is happening to our smaller trees under the snow.

We are ready for better weather and the wildlife certainly must be too.

Entrance to a bunny hiding place under some brush

Normally all the deer on our place yard up down in Schoharie County for the winter. This year a few stayed, probably lured by the open winter up until January. They seem to be real glad that the boss has to plow out some of the T Field to get at his firewood supply. They come in as soon as he leaves to eat the grass and brush he uncovers.

Another hide under the Red Rocket, which is mostly buried by snnow

Same with bunnies. The guys cut down an old apple tree that was getting dangerous due to hollow rotting limbs. The bunnies are congregating there to nibble apple twigs every night.

The yard is laced with trails......


lisa said...

So, glad to see the warmer temps. Just wish the snow would disappear now.

Cathy said...

Your reports from the 'front' . . . from a world that so few experience anymore . Tucked into suburbia the drama beneath a snow drift . . the concern over the buried apple trees - we are enriched by your telling.

Terry and Linda said...

What a miserable long winter you are having...come on melt. It is More than time!!

Linda ♪♫❤

Anonymous said...

My admiration for you and what you go through is tremendous. I live in Oklahoma where the weather changes constantly, but we don't get the kind of snow you are getting.

But we've been getting our share. Husband grew up outside of Philadelphia in the country and snow doesn't phase him.

I hope comes soon for you and all your animals.
I enjoy getting your email everyday. Best wishes.

jan said...

We get weather reports way out here of what is going on in New York and your neighboring states. Our hearts and admiration go out to you. Spring is on the way

threecollie said...

Lisa, me too!Seemed as if it was going down fast this morning. I won't miss it!

Cathy, Hope you are staying warm and cofortable!

Linda, sure has been a bad one. Better days are coming or so they say

Anon, thank you so much! Sorry that I whine about the weather, but it does have a huge impact. I am sure spring will come soon

Jan, it is! And we are sure ready!