Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Cropping up all Over



Anise Hyssop! I am so happy to see this fragrant little delight

Ice Follies...been naturalizing them
since we moved here and they are finally coming into their own

Finally! A warm spring day. Winter has been digging its claws in, refusing to loose its hold on the ground or on our hearts.

Ask any farmer and they will tell you...these crop up anew each spring as well!
For Grey


Cathy said...

I almost don't believe my eyes as I sit here watching the new bloom in gardens and trees. That was such a long winter.
BTW. That last pix. . . . ummm . . . . is it poo poo with moss enjoying its offerings?

Terry and Linda said...

Ummm what IS that last photo? YAY! For SPRING!


threecollie said...

Cathy, sorry, it is a rock, half buried in the soil up on top of our highest hill. I like these white-veined, yellow rocks and whenever I can I bring them to the house. I call them "bread rocks" because they are often rounded and colored a lot like a loaf of bread.

Linda, see above, and hooray for spring indeed!!!