Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Easter Weekend

We had a sweet Easter with much busyness....Alan cut down the dead box elder behind the house, scaring his mother out of ten years' growth and causing much worry and consternation. 

It was threatening to come down on the roof though, and thanks to the mud we were pretty much out of firewood so.....

It did land right where he it wanted to...and he worked really, really hard chunking it  up and dragging it to the stove with his quad. And he built a great fire and got us all warm and toasty.

He also changed my stuff onto an old phone of his. Nothing wrong with the phone I had, but it was older and didn't do a lot of things that this other one will. Now I can play 2048 on my phone!

And I have a new, improved iBird Pro ap.

But what is it with me and pedometers!!! I have tried several kinds and I walk so softly I don't trigger them. Not that I'm a stealth farmer or anything, but I have nasty arthritis and need to treat the old joints gently.

I was hoping that he could put a pedometer ap on this phone, and I could finally set fitness goals and do better for myself. He has one on his and walks like 8000 steps a day.

No luck, I walked almost all the way around the heifer pasture yesterday, plus lots of short trips out to bird, going up and down the stairs and all...

And the darned thing, at the end of the day, said that I had taken 7 steps. Back to the drawing board I guess. 

Still, I like the "new" phone....it does stuff.....

The kids took a lamb with them to Easter at the other grandma's too. They lost one of the Blackface, but the other needed to be fed at noon so they took him and his bottle along and he spent the day on the porch...

There is something fitting about a lamb at Easter.


Anonymous said...

Loved the 7 step reading you got after probably a few good miles.lol SO enjoyed hearing about the real EASTER LAMB. going to grandma's...you are blessed. Do you spin the fleeces or sell them? Easter joy to you all there from all here at Willow House!! merri

threecollie said...

Merri, thanks so much for your kind words. Lambs have been at all sorts of family gatherings over the years....even the boss's father's wake. (That raised the great aunts' eyebrows!) We don't really do much with wool.....Hope you all had a wonderful Easter too. Ours was peaceful and pleasant.

Terry and Linda said...

I smiled at the comment there is something about a lamb at Easter...there really is, isn't there.